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Analysts Report Inflation is no Longer Biggest US Concern

The latest US economic and financial reports report that Inflation is no longer the biggest concern for the US public. The slight cooling of Inflation over the past year has shifted concerns to something else. But for the banking system, Inflation is still a fear.

Analysts have just released their latest report on US financial and economic concerns. Previously many believed that the two biggest distractions for the US public were Inflation and the recession. But the financial troubles are now turning into something entirely personal.

Since 2021, the US public has shifted their concern from Inflation and recession for the first time. Their main concern in the middle-income financial security monitor is new sentiment, as Inflation and recession fears fell from 5% to 4%.

It is stated that the public's concern now is personal finance. Many say that Inflation and recession can be overcome and not too much. Now the concern is how their income can balance the cost of living.


Even though it's not the Most Significant Financial Concern, the Banking System Can be Damaged by US Inflation.

Recently, a statement emerged that stated: "As the nation advances toward 2023, middle-income Americans are demonstrating increasing confidence in their finances and adapting to the modern economic climate at this moment in time,"

Amid the highest Inflation in 40 years, more Americans are starting to use their savings more often than credit cards. Changes in existing policies have made the US public's dependence on credit cards begin to decrease.

However, while improving US economic conditions, concerns are still directed toward the banking system. The banking system still highlights how the US central bank, the Fed, makes monetary and economic policies in dealing with the inflation rate in the US this quarter.

The opportunity for the Fed to increase the Funds Rate is still very high, especially considering the unstable economy. The trend of US inflation is down, but some experts also believe that this new FED policy will lead to something that can shake the global economy.

FED Still Not Finished Raising Interest Rates, More to Come Soon

The current condition of the US economy is confronted with two relevant matters, namely the 2008 financial crisis and financial systemic risk. These are the two things that make US monetary policy carefully crafted.

Concerns about policies that trigger the inflation rate are clear. Thus, the current US economic conditions are the stage for the FED to show appropriate intervention.

The FED's main task is to guide the economy to a soft landing and keep financial stability from spiraling into bad things. Market movements have recently calmed down as the worst banking turmoil ebbed.

Signs that the economy will remain resilient make more investors surrender their economic fate to the FED and pursue price stability.

"The Fed has no desire to conduct monetary policy through a financial crisis. So, they had to find more complex ways to make their actions not create a crisis. The Fed needs to mitigate this," said Wendy Eldelberg, economist at the Brookings Institution.

"Markets are confused about whether the Fed will tighten or ease. We are trying to follow what the Fed is going to do. Now, the market still doesn't know which direction the Fed will go in and which one we should follow," added James Tabacchi of South Street Securities.

The current US economic condition still has many complications, plus those from outside. Monetary markets and investors still need better visibility. Financial institutions can adopt policies that economists have never expected to avoid risks.

Concerns about the US economy are leading to something new, the first time since 2008. And this then makes Inflation and recession no longer a significant problem for the US public. However, concerning economic data, solid earnings and Inflation are still the focus of banking.



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